Data Scientist – Entry Level – London

Data Scientist – Entry Level

Sandtable is a data science company based in Old St, London. We build large, complex models of populations and markets for some of the world’s biggest companies.

We’re looking for a Junior Data Scientist to join our team. You’ll be a recent graduate in a discipline with a significant quantitative component. You’ll have worked with data, preferably lots of it, and you’ll have enjoyed it. You’ll have done some coding and enjoyed that too.

You’ll be working with a team of experienced data scientists and learning opportunities will be legion. Professional development will be driven by a combination working with the data science team as well as self-driven/guided skill development.

On any given day in the office you’ll be:

– Researching and finding data from public and commercial sources
– Chasing down and taking delivery of large, diverse data sets from clients and suppliers
– Writing software to clean and investigate those data sets
– Carrying out exploratory data analysis under supervisiona and under your own steam
– Keeping our data repositories in order and managed according to our processes
– Analysing and reporting on data quality
– Running models and analysing and interpreting the results
– Preparing presentations and reports

Personal qualities:

– Very organised. When you see that things aren’t in the right place, you itch to move them.
– Curiosity and a habit of inquiry. You don’t just accept what you see, you question it, ask why, check and re-check.
– Do-er. You have a bias toward action, you try things, and sometimes you fail.
– Fearless. Big, undefined problems and big datasets don’t frighten you.
– Gritty. You don’t give up. You find a place to start and keep going until it’s done.


– Wrangling. You know how to move data around, from a database or an API, through a transformation or two, a model and into human-readable form (Excel chart, map, d3 visualization, Tableau, etc.).
– Coding. You know enough to make working with data easy.
– Communicating. You’re comfortable working in teams, writing reports, creating and giving presentations.

Basic Qualifications:

-Bachelor’s Degree in a quantitative discipline (Statistics, Maths, Computer Science, Engineering, Science including Social Science)
-1+ years’ experience in R, Perl, Python, Java, or other languages appropriate for large scale analysis of numerical and textual data
-1+ years’ experience with relational databases and SQL