Posts from: May 2012

Trust in data

We rely on data to understand what is happening in the world. A letter to the BMJ shows that sometimes we should be careful about how accurate that data actually is: “Even more striking, between 15,000 and 20,000 men have been admitted to obstetric wards each year since 2003, and almost 10,000 to gynaecology wards. Nearly …
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Personal incredulity

Paul Krugman wrote in his NY Times blog about the weakness of the argument from personal incredulity: ‘Dawkins uses it to refer to people who say “I just can’t believe that something as intricate as an eye can evolve through random changes.” The point, of course, is that our intuition has a hard time dealing both …
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A failure of imagination

The Governor of the Bank of England gave a lecture last Wednesday night on BBC Radio 4 about the origins of the economic and banking crisis that consumed us all. You can listen to it or read the full transcript here. Part of his analysis of why regulators did not do enough to stop the buildup …
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