Posts from: October 2015

MesosCon EU 2015

We've just returned from the first MesosCon EU, a conference dedicated to the open-source Apache Mesos project in Europe. MesosCon (global) was held earlier this year in Seattle. Apache Mesos (meaning 'middle' or 'between' in Greek, as in 'Mesopotamia' - 'between rivers') is a cluster management system that we've been running in production since the beginning …
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PyData London 2015 – Video

The video of our talk: 'Agent-Based Modelling, the London riots, and Python', presented at PyData London 2015 has been released! Check out the video here. The abstract for the talk: 'An introduction to Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) using Python and the PyData stack. As an example we’ll present on-going work modelling the 2011 London riots, investigating how riots …
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