Posts from: January 2016

Eponymous laws of software development in data science

Over the years, a number of eponymous "laws" (or adages) have emerged in software development. In this blog, we discuss five well-known ones: Ziv's, Humphrey's, Conway's, Bradley's, and Brooks'; and explore how they apply to data science (DS) as it continues to evolve, and in particular to Sandtable's approach as we scale. To provide some context, …
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2015 Election Polls – What Went Wrong?

As everyone remembers, the polls before the May General Election got it wrong. The vote was predicted to be a tight-run race, with Labour and Conservative neck and neck. When the results came in, it was clear this wasn’t the case. The Tories claimed a 6.5 % lead, and were able to form a majority …
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A Tyranny of the Tardy?

There was a nice piece in the Guardian this weekend about TFL’s trial of a new scheme for moving people through Tube stations more quickly: getting them to stand on the left on the escalators, as opposed to standing only on the right and leaving the left clear for people in a hurry, of whom …
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