Posts from: March 2016

QCon London 2016 – Day 3 & Learnings

In this blog, the final in the series about QCon London 2016, we'll give an overview of the talks we attended and end with a list of some of the things we learned from the conference. The theme for the third and final day of QCon was, on the whole, microservices. The final day's tracks included …
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TensorFlow Meetup (21/03)

Last night we attended, and really enjoyed, the first TensorFlow (TF) London meetup hosted at Twitter. TensorFlow is Google's 2nd generation open source machine learning framework. To find out about TensorFlow checkout the website or read the whitepaper. First up Rebecca Murphy, a Data Scientist at Ocado Technology, gave an overview of TensorFlow. Rebecca showed how …
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QCon London 2016 – Day 2

If day one of QCon was about Continuous Delivery for us (which you can read about here), then day two was about large-scale architectures and using containers in production. Day two was packed with some great tracks: 'Architectures you've always wondered about', 'Close to the metal', 'Containers (in production)', 'Modern CS in the real world', …
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QCon London 2016 – Day 1

Last week we attended QCon London 2016 (March 7-9) run by the InfoQ folks and held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster. The conference ran for three days (followed by two days of workshops) and was targeted at software development professionals, particularly at software architects and CTOs. Each day of the conference …
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