Posts from: April 2016

Two cultures of information in big organisations

In a prescient, wide-ranging essay from 1997 [1], Phil Agre reminds us that computers were originally put to industrial use in order to "automate a kind of factory work whose raw material happens to be information rather than anything physical or tangible." Information was the 'stuff' that made this new part of the industrial process …
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Sandtable Approach to Digital Media Attribution

Digital attribution modelling is the process whereby credit for a user action online (usually the making of a purchase) is shared among the various online and mobile advertising channels that may have been used to promote that action to the user. These channels could include (among others): Display Social Media Search (Organic and Paid) Youtube (and similar video sites) Affiliate …
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Agent-Based Modelling and Econometrics for Media Planning

Introduction In this post, the relationship between Econometric Modelling and Sandtable’s Agent-Based Modelling solution is discussed and how they may be used complementarily in order to provide a broader range of insight to media planners is explored. Motivation There are a number of identified issues with current media planning support tools which need to be addressed. These issues include: Existing …
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