Posts from: July 2019

Yet another WoSR blog post

Annie has already shared her thoughts on our visit and her talk about collaboration at Women of Silicon Roundabout - you can check it out here.  WoSR was a very broad conference, with topics ranging from the personal (overcoming impostor syndrome) to the technical (machine learning and its place in business) and the strategic (a track dedicated …
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Book launch: Energise

On Tuesday, Nigel and I attended Robert and Jamie West’s Energise book launch. Robert has been a long-term collaborator on the smoking project, which draws on his PRIME theory of motivation. He’s written with his son Jamie before, and this time they teamed up to provide a concise introduction to motivation.  The book uses dialogue between father and …
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Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019 Summary

Last week Katherine, Lies and I attended the Women of Silicon Roundabout (WoSR) Conference at the ExCel Centre in London.  The conference was huge, boasting more than 5000 attendees with 8 parallel talking tracks and 8 parallel workshop sessions.  There were six main themes to the conference: The Future of Tech The 2019 Tech-Pulse The …
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Workshop on Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents (WEHIA) 2019

Last week we attended WEHIA 2019 at City, University of London. WEHIA is an annual conference bringing together researchers, mainly in academia, from a number of disciplines, including economics (e.g. econophysics; complexity economics; experimental economists; behavioural economics), finance, physics, computing - all interested in understanding the economy as a complex system made up of heterogeneous …
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