We are using simulations of populations in a growing range of applications to build understanding and support strategic decision making

Behaviour change

Pick apart the interdependent influences on behaviour to focus initiatives on where they will have an impact and forecast return on investment
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Brand choice

Quantify drivers of brand choice amongst different market segments and forecast impact of trends to identify threats and opportunities in the category
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Media response

Forecast market response to media by identifying responsive groups within the population and isolate the point in the decision journey at which targeted content will be most effective
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Customer acquisition and retention

Identify the drivers of customer behaviour and forecast market outlook to support the development of customer strategy
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Our interest in human behaviour across many domains has prompted us to build simulations in collaboration with a range of non-profit organisations

Live Projects


We have started a project to build a simulation of voting in the UK to investigate whether it is possible to forecast election outcomes better than traditional polling methods. If you are interested in collaborating then please get in touch

Past Projects


Forecasting the impact of police interventions on the London riots


Understanding the role of inter-generational trusts on inequality with the Behavioural Insights Team


Identifying the factors that drive the adoption of hand washing in India with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine