Behaviour change

What drives behaviour and how can it be changed?

Human behaviour is at the heart of many social, health, political and cultural problems.

However, the forces that influence it are complex, interdependent and dynamic. Social norms reinforce existing behaviour but social movements can drive rapid change.

Organisations seeking to influence behaviour need to understand what is really driving it, how it might change in the future and what interventions have the best chance of changing it in the desired direction.

We build data driven simulations of populations to help organisations:

  • Understand and quantify the factors driving behaviour
  • Identify and plug gaps in data
  • Support scenario planning and forecast impact of proposed interventions

We have worked with organisations including Department of Health, Department for Education, Public Health England, Durex, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UCL, University of Surrey, Ministry of Defence, Behavioural Insights Team and the Industry Trust for IP Awareness.

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