Brand choice

What drives brand choice and how will it change?

We forecast what will drive consumer and shopper choice in the future so that marketing resources can be focused where they will have the most impact on sales.

We build market simulations that replicate the way real customers behave and the factors that influence them.

The explanatory and predictive power of our simulations comes from our access to the unique dunnhumby data set of individual purchasing behaviour. By combining this very large, fine grained, long term data set with information about consumer attitudes and external factors, we can discern what influences choice and how it changes over time.

Our simulations are future observatories that allow you to:

  • Evaluate brand strategies before committing to them – e.g. what will happen to sales if we re-position our brand to be more up-market?
  • Identify and quantify risks and opportunities – e.g. what impact might changing household budgets have on my sales?
  • Frame strategic problems – e.g. who do I need to do target and what do I need them to do in order to deliver an increase in sales?
  • Explain trends in the market – e.g. why are my sales going up or down?
  • Forecast the impact of emerging trends – e.g. what impact will increasing online shopping have on my sales?
  • War-game strategies against competitive activity – e.g. what will happen to my sales if my major competitor drops prices by 10%?
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