Customer acquisition and retention

What drives customers to you and keeps them coming back?

We predict what will drive consumer and shopper decisions so that organisational resources can be focused where they will have the most impact on growing sales and loyalty.

Customers’ choices are influenced by a range of factors. Some of them you control, some of them are controlled by your competitors and some of them will just happen.

Quantifing their relative impact on your customers is the starting point to developing an effective and robust strategy to achieve your objectives in a complex and changing market.

We build simulations of customer markets to close the loop between these influences and the actual behaviour in which we are interested.

Using these simulations we can run experiments to:

  • Analyse drivers of performance, e.g. to what extent is our growth in sales due to price reduction rather than the a growing economy?
  • Forecast performance in a range of different future scenarios, e.g. what will happen to market share if fuel prices drop and increase household purchasing power?
  • War game future sales in the context of competitive activity, e.g. what will happen if our major competitor drops their prices to match ours?
  • Evaluate strategy to measure likely impact and calculate return on investment, e.g. what will happen to sales if we open stores as opposed to investing in a media campaign to improve brand perceptions?
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