AWS Summit London 2016

AWS Summit London 2016 at the ExCeL

Last week, we went on our annual pilgrimage to the AWS Summit in London. There were around 5000 attendees this year. The London Summit is the biggest in Europe, and is getting bigger and bigger every year.

The summit started with the traditional keynote given by the CTO of, Werner Vogels. We were immediately reassured: Brexit won’t affect the opening of the AWS datacenter in London. The AWS UK region should be available at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Keep Calm And Carry OnThe two big themes of the conference this year were containers (like last year) and serverless applications. A post by Werner Vogels written at the end of 2105 predicts it.

Container based operation

Container Based Operation

Unfortunately, we haven’t been convinced by ECS (Amazon EC2 Container Service), CodePipeline or CodeDeploy… Our infrastructure using Jenkins and Docker containers running on Mesos directly on EC2 still seems to be the best option.

Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing

AWS Lambda was the focus of many conversations. It allows you to handle on-demand requests and you are only billed per request. So you don’t have to pay for a full server, you don’t have to set up a server either, and it automatically scales.

We already use AWS Lambda to trigger Slack notifications based on SNS notifications. It is also often used for data processing, for example triggered when data is uploaded to S3. But other customers use it in combination with AWS API Gateway (in front) and AWS DynamoDB (storage) for a full solution.

AWS Lambda success stories

We got different examples of young companies using AWS Lambda. For example or that built the David Guetta campaign for the Euro 2016 in 3 weeks. They used the Serverless framework to deploy their app directly to AWS. To learn more about their story, see here.

James Hall presenting the “David Guetta” architecture

James Hall presenting the “David Guetta” architecture

Amazon S3 improvements

S3 is more and more important in this new type of infrastructure so we got an update on the latest S3 features:

  • Event notifications
  • Cross-region replication
  • VPC endpoint for Amazon S3
  • Amazon CloudWatch metrics for Amazon S3 & CloudTrail support
  • Amazon S3 Bucket limit increase
  • Read-after-write consistency in all regions
  • Amazon S3 standard-IA
  • Incomplete multipart upload expiration
  • Expired object delete marker
  • Transfer acceleration

Overall, we got lots of tips to help improve our infrastructure and optimise our AWS costs. We would like to thank Amazon and all the sponsors. We hope to see you again next year!

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