A SlackLibrarian using Mendeley

  0 TL; DR Finding files and especially uploaded PDFs in Slack can be time consuming and lead to a lot of frustration. I build a small Slackbot that combines the Slack and Mendeley APIs to detect when a user has uploaded a PDF to Slack and prompt the user to tag and upload the PDF to …
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My summer internship at Sandtable

Over the course of this summer I spent 11 weeks as a Software Engineer intern at Sandtable. I had a wonderful time here and learned a lot from some very knowledgeable and friendly Engineers. We worked with Trello, which I am very fond of, to organize our tasks and had daily morning chats about what everyone …
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What’s up with Targeted Advertising?

A lot of people have been down on targeted advertising recently, saying its days are numbered, and that mass marketing is the way forward. Dreaming up marketing segments to target is one of the big rituals of the advertising process so, understandably, quite a few people in the industry are upset about it. Mark Ritson, …
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Why Agent-Based Modelling?

Sandtable is known as a specialist in agent-based modelling. As such, we're often asked what kind of modelling question ABM is best placed to answer. Or, put another way, what does ABM do that other techniques can't? In the table below we've mapped features of the system to be modelled (along the top) against modelling approaches …
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ASI Data Science Fellowship Presentations

Over to Cambridge Heath last Thursday the 27th to see presentations from the most recent batch of ASI fellows. ASI's founder also used the occasion to launch their new data science platform, SherlockML, which reassuringly incorporates some of the ideas we've put into practice in our own platform (data lake, Jupyter integration, API for data …
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Should you leave your house to your grandchildren?

Last week, housing minister Gavin Barwell suggested that people should leave their houses to their grandchildren when they die, rather than their children. The reasoning is straightforward: young people are much less likely to own a property than their parents were at the same age, so the inheritance of a lump sum will help them get …
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