Using SSL with gRPC in Python

(Edit (27/02/2018): For the latest code, see our repo.) We have recently started using gRPC at Sandtable and we really like it. gRPC is an HTTP/2 based open-source RPC framework released by Google in 2015. It uses Google's Protocol Buffers as the interface definition language and data serialisation format. gRPC can be used from a number of different languages, …
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DevOps Conferences 2016

We attended two DevOps conferences in September: Software Circus in Amsterdam and Container Camp in London. They provided a good opportunity to check-in on the latest trends and gossip in the containers and cloud computing world. Kubernetes or Mesos? The main sponsors of Software Circus this year were the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Cisco. So there …
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Reduce Docker image sizes using Alpine

Here at Sandtable we love Docker because it makes our infrastructure so easy to deploy. However, it’s not great when you have 2GB Docker images that must be pushed and pulled over the network... We noticed that Docker is now offering smaller images based on the security-oriented, lightweight Alpine Linux distribution. Images based on Alpine can …
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