Christmas Party 2015

The Sandtable Christmas party was held recently — on the 25th of November — yes, a month from Xmas day. Xmas is again approaching, fast.

The party started in the office with a drink and mince pie, and the muchly anticipated Secret Santa. Tension was high. Who would get what? And from whom?! Sandtable has grown quite a lot this year, up to 14, so there were plenty of exchanges to be made.

Smiles all around.

This was followed by a swift exit and stroll down to the City to play an escape game called Pandemonium at Escape Entertainment. Excitement was high; anticipation palpable. What were we getting involved in?

The group was divided into two teams and were off. Both teams played at the same time, and were competing to solve the game the quickest. There was a lot riding on this competition… Not really, but let’s pretend there was…


Team one won by three minutes. A large margin by all accounts.


A member from team one was quoted: “we could have gone round again in that time”. Well, yes, that’s probably true because it would be a lot easier second time round.

Great team efforts all around. The game was both fun and challenging. Highly recommended.

12314220_1673283272885470_4534088203502937790_oLosers! (Everyone’s a winner!)

The afternoon proceeded into early evening with drinks — including an unforgettable chilli and mescal cocktail — and dinner — scrumptious platters laid out to share — at the lovely Shoreditch House with its amazing views and creative types.

Dinner was followed by competitive table tennis, with one clear winner emerging. Yin, Rio 2016?

It was a great day, and thanks again to the Xmas party committee for organising!

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