Dev team Hackday

Today was a hackday for the dev team that focussed on open-sourcing an internal library. We wanted to go through the steps of open-sourcing and make a (small) contribution back to the community.

The library that we chose to open source was Flask-Auth0, a library that we use in our cloud infrastructure for securing web applications.

Flask-Auth0 was a good candidate because it’s a useful library that does not currently exist as a Flask extension (although Auth0 do provide some examples to get you started). It’s a library to make it simple to extend Flask, a very popular Python web application framework, to use the authentication-as-a-service provider, Auth0. Specifically, it allows you to add authentication to your Flask-based web applications through, for example, social connectors.

Briefly, the steps involved were:

– Update library to follow Flask-Extension guidelines.
– Push source code to GitHub.
– Add and publish documentation to ReadtheDocs.
– Configure TravisCI to runs tests and coverage, and build release distributions for a number of Python versions (2.7 & +3.4).
– Release flask-auth0 to Python open package manager, PyPI.

Look forward to making further open source contributions in future!

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