New paper on smoking

Congratulations this week go to our colleague Dr Bernard Kujawski, on the publication of the paper:

Comparison of Trends in Self-reported Cigarette Consumption and Sales in England, 2011 to 2018

The paper is an outcome of our collaboration with University College London and Public Health England, and the team at Sandtable is very grateful to everyone involved in the process. The complete list of authors is as follows:

Sarah E. Jackson, PhD (UCL); Emma Beard, PhD (UCL); Bernard Kujawski, PhD (Sandtable); Ella Sunyer, BA (NHS); Susan Michie, DPhil (UCL); Lion Shahab, PhD (UCL); Robert West, PhD (UCL); Jamie Brown, PhD (UCL)

The paper’s foundations were laid a few years ago, during the development of our QuitSimX simulation, an agent-based model of smoking behaviour in England build based on data from the Smoking Toolkit Study (STS). The question that we were asking ourselves at that time was very similar to the subject of the above paper: how much can we rely on the survey’s self-reported data on numbers of cigarettes smoked? The paper shows close alignment between the survey and independently collected sales data, which gives us further confidence in using the STS for modelling and policy. 

QuitSimx is the longest running (and still very much active) project at Sandtable, with contributions from many data scientists over nearly a decade.

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