Software Engineer – Cloud Infrastructure – London


We are seeking a Software Engineer to join a growing team developing Sandman, a cloud-based platform-as-a-service. Sandman is used for the development and deployment of data-driven simulation models used to support strategic decision-making. The team includes software engineers, devops engineers and data scientists.

For more about what we do, see our blog.


  • Develop and maintain Python-based microservices.
  • Develop and maintain SDKs and CLIs.

Skills & Requirements

BSc (at least 2.1) or above in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field.
Knowledge of distributed systems.

Required experience:

  • Programming using languages like Python, Golang, Java, C++
  • Data-intensive and microservice architectures
  • Developing and maintaining RESTful APIs
  • Developing for relational/ NoSQL databases
  • Developing for Linux-based systems, e.g. Ubuntu, Debian
  • Agile methodologies: Scrum; Kanban; TDD; BDD

Desirable to have experience or interest in:

  • Developing for the Cloud: AWS; GCP
  • RPC frameworks: gRPC
  • Serialisation frameworks: Protocol Buffers
  • Python micro-frameworks: flask; bottle
  • Python asynchronous frameworks: gevent; asyncio
  • Python testing frameworks: pytest
  • Containers: Docker; rkt

We develop for Linux on Macbooks, push to Bitbucket, communicate via Slack, and organise using Trello.