Dr Annie Hou

Data Scientist

Before Sandtable, Annie interned in a cybersecurity firm, Digital Shadows, where she developed an anomaly detection algorithm to help identify data leakage. Prior to that, she lived in the world of academia, obtaining a Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy (more specifically Galaxy Evolution) and then a post-doctoral position in the same field.

Annie has made a very successful transition from academia, and firmly believes that working at Sandtable gives her the best of both worlds. She can conduct literature reviews, perform analysis and build models, but on topics and data that are more tangible. She has worked on three models this year: a model of the 2011 London Riots, a model of smoking, and a model of the UK automobiles market. Working at Sandtable has broadened her domain knowledge and allowed her to learn more about fields she has always had an interest in (e.g. decision theory). She has also been able to incorporate other modelling techniques (i.e. machine learning) into the development and analysis of agent-based models.

When she is not building models, you can find her in a hot yoga class, binge watching a TV series (even the horrible ones), knitting, cooking or in a pub.