Dr Georgios Giasemedis

Dr Georgios Giasemedis

Georgios obtained his PhD (DPhil) in Theoretical Physics from University of Oxford in 2013, working on aspects of the dimensionality of infinite random graphs, which are motivated by lattice approaches to quantum gravity such as the Causal Dynamical Triangulation.

Since then, he has been working as a data scientist on several projects, ranging from retail, energy (forecasting of electricity demand, network optimisation, electricity demand dissagregation) defence and secutiry (image-processing and social network analysis).

Georgios’ main academic passion is uncovering patterns in data, networks and modelling complex systems. At Sandtable, Georgios has been exploring complex systems, such as the human behaviour, using the methodology of agent based modelling, a fascinating techique with applications to physics too.

In his spare time, Georgios enjoys watching/playing basketball and football, basketball analytics, legos, drones and scuba diving.