Dr Lies Boelen

Data Scientist

Before joining Sandtable, Lies (which rhymes with ‘piece’) made good use of her pure maths PhD as a theoretical immunologist. Her main interest was the life span of killer T cells and how this modulates the outcome of some nasty viral infections, but generally she was happy to work with a great variety of experimental data in need of an analysis.

The jump from academia to the real world (and from cells to human beings) turned out to be even better than she had hoped. At Sandtable, Lies enjoys modelling new projects from scratch and trying to tease out the details of how humans make decisions. She has worked on a model of audience engagement and recruitment, and is looking forward to work on the smoking and retail models.

After work, she might be out running, in the gym, reading or enjoying time with friends – when she has not succumbed to the temptations of a Netflix and chocolate binge.