Dr Nigel Shardlow

Planning Director

Nigel’s career has spanned psychology, artificial intelligence, academic philosophy, web design, product development, entrepreneurship and consultancy. He spent the early part of his career after leaving academia in telecoms, leading product development teams at Orange (now EE) and BT. More recently, he has worked as a behaviour change consultant to organisations in the public and private sector, using hard evidence and science to measurably improve outcomes.

Nigel brings insights from behavioural science, marketing science and psychology into the model development process. His recent research interests include the meaning of loyalty, the nature of explanation, embedded cognition, and the relationship between brain science and ethnography.

He has been a runner since the age of 19, and coaches running fitness for London City Athletics Club in Southwark. His favoured extreme sport is riding his fixed gear bicycle through rush hour traffic in London. He also enjoys making things: drawings, food, photographs, bikes and writing.