Yin Kelly

Developer (Visualisation)

Immediately before joining Sandtable Yin spent a year building a fully customisable data presentation toolkit for a social media marketing agency in NYC. She worked across the agency teams, ultimately eliminating the repetitive and tedious tasks and making reporting a simpler and more collaborative process.Before transitioning into development, Yin worked in a neuroscience lab studying the relationship between awareness, attention, and social perception in the human brain.

At Sandtable, Yin builds data products that allow users to look into and interact with complex models. She is good at understanding the analytical needs of the user and making appropriate visualisation design decisions with the users in mind. She is passionate about data viz and UX.

Yin is a runner, avid tennis player and novice gardener. She loves to cook and eat adventurously. She also enjoys swing, Irish trad, charcoal drawing, and green tea brewing.